Album: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Artist: Aerosmith
1998 Columbia
CD: 666408 2

Band members:
Steve Tyler: vocals

Liv Tyler: spoken dialogue (3)
Ben Affleck: spoken dialogue (3)

Produced by Matt Serletic (1, 3), Kevin Shirley (2)
Engineered by David Thoener (1)
Mixed by David Thoener (1), Kevin Shirley (2, 3), Slamm Andrews (3)
Music/vocal composite mixed by Kevin Shirley (3)

Executive producer: Jerry Bruckheimer (1, 3)
Music supervisor: Kathy Nelson (1, 3)
Soundtrack producers (1, 3): Glen Brunman, John Kalodner, Kathy Nelson

Arranged by Matt Serletic (1, 3)
Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell (2)

1. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (Rock Mix) [Diane Warren] (4:58)
2. Taste of India (Rock Remix) [Tyler/Perry/Ballard] (5:52)
3. Animal Crackers [Warren/Rabin/Williams] (2:36)

Notes: A huge hit, this was the single for the film "Armageddon", which had a score by Trevor Rabin. Tracks (1) and (3) are from Armageddon: The Album, while track (2) is from Aerosmith's Nine Lives. "Animal Crackers" is a composite of "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", a score extract and some dialogue from the film. I think there was another version of this single without "Animal Crackers". (HP, 15 Sep 01)

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