Album: Flash featuring Peter Banks
Artist: In Public
2013 AdequatEsounds [US]; Arcangelo [Japan]
CD: AS01 [US]

Band members:
Peter Banks:  guitar, backing vocals
Ray Bennett: bass, backing vocals
Colin Carter: lead vocals
Mike Hough: drums

Produced by George Mizer/Peter Banks
Executive producer: Mizer
Recorded 21 Jan 1973, The Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City
Pre-production: Chris Wintrip, Kevin Long
Mixed by Leigh Darlow/Banks @ Earthworks Studios, Barnet, UK
Cover photo & wallet design: Robert Hakalski
Photos courtesy of Mizer, Barrie Wentzell
Liner notes by Banks

1. Cold Cowtown Night [arr. Mizer] (2:26)
2. Small Beginnings [Banks/Carter] (8:40)
3. Black and White [Bennett/Banks] (12:27)
4. Stop That Banging [Hough] (4:14)
5. There No More [Bennett] (8:42)
6. Children of the Universe [Bennett] (8:47)
7. Dreams of Heaven [Banks/Carter] (24:54)


Notes: Pete Banks and George Mizer (Pete's long-time friend, business partner, manager and a former Flash roadie) had been looking to release this live, 16-track recording for several years. By the beginning of 2013, they had largely finished mixing, when Banks passed away from heart failure on 7 Mar 2013. He body was found at home in Barnet, London on 8 Mar, after he failed to show up for a recording session; he was 65. Pete was cremated on the morning of 22 Mar in a private ceremony at Golders Green Crematorium.

Banks had suffered several health problems over at least the previous 2 years. Chris Welch's obituary in The Independent described him as being diagnosed with cancer and Legionnaire's disease in 2011. He had also suffered from sciatica and septicaemia in 2010.

The CD booklet is entitled "Memories" and celebrates Banks' life. It includes comments (some written for this release) from Willie Fyffe, Paul Newman, Smoother Smyth (all Flash road crew), Mike Stewart (tour manager & sound engineer), Derek Lawrence (producer of Flash and In the Can), Steve Howe, Billy James (musician and Pete's publicist latterly), Jan Akkerman, Mizer, Hough, Pete Townshend, Steve Hackett, Keith Emerson, Dave Wagstaffe, Davy O'List, Barrie Wentzell (Melody Maker photographer), Clint Bahr, Tony Kaye and Pete himself.

Mizer finished the mix and the album was released 16 Oct in Japan (with alternate cover), and 29 Oct elsewhere on Mizer and Banks' own label. The release came amid continued dispute with Bennett and Carter, who released an album of new material not long before as Flash Featuring Ray Bennett & Colin Carter (on Purple Pyramid Records). (HP; 22 Dec 13)

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