Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson
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Solo Albums and Other Name Collaborations

Olias of Sunhillow, 1976
Song of Seven, 1980
Animation, 1982
3 Ships, 1985
In the City of Angels, 1988
The Power of Silence, 1992
The Best of South America, 1993
Deseo, 1994
Change We Must, 1994
Angels Embrace, 1995
Toltec, 1996
Lost Tapes of Opio, 1996/The Lost Tapes of Opio, 2006
The Promise Ring, 1997
Earthmotherearth, 1997
The More You Know, 1998
SoloShowSongs, 2005
SoloShowSongs in LaLa Land, 2006
The Lost Tapes, 2006
The Mother's Day Concert, 2006 (as part of The Lost Tapes)
Searching for the Songs, 2006 (as part of The Lost Tapes)
Live in Sheffield 1980, 2006 (as part of The Lost Tapes)
Watching the Flags That Fly, 2006 (as part of The Lost Tapes)
From Me to You, 2008
Survival & Other Stories, 2010/2011
Anderson/Wakeman: The Living Tree, 2010
Open, 2011 (digital-only single)
Anderson/Wakeman: The Living Tree In Concert Part One, 2011
Jon Anderson & Matt Malley: Family Circle, 2014 (digital-only single)
Anderson/Stolt: The Invention of Knowledge, 2016

Jon Anderson singles


Yes, 1969/expanded and remastered, 2003
Time and a Word, 1970/expanded and remastered, 2003
The Yes Album, 1971/expanded and remastered, 2003
Fragile, 1972/expanded and remastered, 2003
Close to the Edge, 1972/expanded and remastered, 2003
Yessongs, 1973
Tales from Topographic Oceans, 1973/expanded and remastered, 2003
Relayer, 1974/expanded and remastered, 2003
Yesterdays, 1974
Going for the One, 1977/expanded and remastered, 2003
Tormato, 1978/expanded and remastered, 2004
Yesshows, 1980
Classic Yes, 1981
90125, 1983/expanded and remastered, 2004
9012Live: The Solos, 1985
Big Generator, 1987
(ABWH) Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, 1989
Union, 1991
Yesyears, 1991
Yesstory, 1992
Highlights—The Very Best of Yes, 1993
(ABWH) An Evening of Yes Music Plus, 1993
Talk, 1994
YesActive, 1994
Keys to Ascension, 1996
Keys to Ascension 2, 1997
Keys to Ascension Volume 1 & 2, 1997
Open Your Eyes, 1997
Something's Coming, 1997/Beyond and Before, 1997
The Ladder, 1999
The Masterworks—Mix Your Own CD, 2000
House of Yes—Live From The House of Blues, 2000
Keystudio, 2001
Magnification, 2001
In a Word: Yes (1969-   ), 2002
Yes Remixes, 2003
The Ultimate Yes—35th Anniversary Collection, 2003/2004
Drama expanded and remastered, 2004
The Word is Live, 2005
(ABWH) Live at the NEC Oct 24th 1989, 2012

Hans Christian Anderson

Hans Christian Anderson singles
Liverpool Sound Collection, 2001 (compilation)

The Warriors

The Warriors singles
Bolton Club '65, 2003?

Jon and Vangelis

Short Stories, 1980
The Friends of Mr. Cairo, 1981
Demis Roussos: Demis, 1982
Private Collection, 1984
The Best of Jon and Vangelis, 1984
Page of Life, 1991/alternate version, 1998
Wisdom Chain, 1991 (single)
Vangelis: Portraits (So Far Away So Clear), 1996
Demis Roussos: The Phenomenon, 1998 (compilation)
Demis Roussos: Forever and Ever
Demis Roussos: The Singles

Jon and Vangelis singles


Sound and Vision Volume Two, 1989
Toto: Past to Present 1977-1990, 1990
Affirmative: The Yes Solo Family Album, 1993
The Album Network's Rock Tuneup 121, 1994
RainSong Graphite Guitar Sampler, 1995
Yes, Friends & Relatives, 1998
Steve Howe: Light Walls, 2003
Produced by Trevor Horn, 2004
Steve Howe: Anthology 2: Groups & Collaborations, 2017

Guest Appearances

King Crimson: Lizard, 1970 
Colin Scot: Colin Scot with Friends, 1971
Johnny Harris: All to Bring You Morning, 1973
Vangelis: Heaven and Hell, 1975
Alan White: Ramshackled, 1976
Vangelis: Opera Sauvage, 1979
Vangelis: See You Later, 1980
Fundamental Frolics, ?1981
Rick Wakeman: 1984, 1981
Mike Oldfield: Crises, 1983
Metropolis Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1984
St. Elmo's Fire/Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1985
John Paul Jones: Music from the Film Scream for Help, 1985
Tangerine Dream: Legend—Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1986
Mike Oldfield with Jon Anderson: Shine, 1986 (single)
Gowan: Great Dirty World, 1987
Toto: The Seventh One, 1988
Requiem for the Americas—Songs from the Lost World, 1989
Reach Out, 1989 (single)
Kitaro: Dream, 1992
Symphonic Music of Yes, 1993
Charlie Bisharat: Along the Amazon, 1993
Charlie Bisharat: Along the Amazon Sampler, 1993
C2tHype: C2tHype, 1994
Tadamitsu Saito: It's About Time, 1994
Milton Nascimento: Angelus, 1994
Ayman: Dancing with My Soul, 1994
The Deseo Remixes, 1995
Cielo y Tierra: Heaven and Earth, 1996
Steve Howe: Portraits of Bob Dylan, 1999
various artists: Streams, 1999
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: Outbound, 2000
Mike Read/Sir John Betjeman: Songs, 2002
Eduardo M. Del Signore: Captivated, 2002
Robert Downey Jr.: The Futurist, 2004
One World Project: Grief Never Grows Old, 2005 (single)
various artists: Rock School, 2005
Tommy Zvoncheck: ZKG (re-release)
No Nation: Illumine (A Rock Opera), 2005
The Fellowship: In Elven Lands, 2006
California Guitar Trio: Live at the Boulder Theatre (CGT Direct Collectors Series Volume 3)
Glass Hammer: Culture of Ascent, 2007
Peter Machajdík: Namah, 2008
Rich Goodhart: Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree, 2010
Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010
Jonathan Elias: Prayer Cycle: Path to Zero, 2011
Robin Crow: Let It Glow, 2011?
Edu & Gabriel Lluch: Orchid, 2012
Marco Sabiu: Limitless Lives, 2012
Everyday Animals: Under the Tyranny of Good Weather, 2012
United Progressive Fraternity: Fall in Love with the World, 2014
Todmobile: Úlfur, 2014
HuDost & Steve Kilbey: The Word is​.​.​., 2015
Oakes & Smith: Between the Earth and the Sky, 2016 (EP)

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