Album: Schizophonic
Artist: Geri Halliwell
1997 Virgin Records Ltd.
CD: CDV 2850

Band members:
Geri Halliwell: vocals

Additional musicians:
Absolute: all instruments except where stated
Mike Higham: additional programming
Milton McDonald: guitar
Phil Hudson: guitar (2)
Jenny O'Grady: soprano vocals
Travy Ackerman, Pepsi, Shirley, Anna Ross, Andy Watkins, Paul Wilson: backing vocals
Karloss Edwards: percussion
Dhiren Raichura: electric sitar
Shama Shah: additional vocals

Horns arranged and played by Kick Horns:
    Simon C. Clarke: baritone and alto saxophones
    Roddy Lorimer: trumpet, flugelhorn
    Tim Sanders: tenor saxophone
    Annie Whitehead: trombone
    Richard Edwards: trombone, bass trombone
    Paul Spong: trumpet
Strings arranged and conducted by Nick Ingman, leader: Gavin Wright

Produced by Absolute
Engineered by Paul 'P-Dub' Walton
Mixed by Mark 'Spike' Stent (1-4, 6), Steve Fitzmaurice (5, 7-10)

1. Look at Me [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson]
2. Lift Me Up [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson/Ackerman]
3. Walkaway [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson/Ackerman]
4. Mi Chico Latino [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson]
5. Goodnight Kiss [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson]
6. Bag It Up [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson]
7. Sometime [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson]
8. Let Me Love You [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson]
9. Someone's Watching Over Me [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson/Ackerman]
10. You're in a Bubble [Halliwell/Watkins/Wilson]

Notes: Geri Halliwell, ex-Ginger Spice, worked exclusively with the Absolute team for her first solo album; they had worked on half of the Spice Girls' first two albums. Absolute brought along their regular session guitarist, Milton McDonald. (HP, 20 May 01)

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