Album: Seraphim
Artist: Steve Howe/Paul Sutin
1988 CMC
CD CMC 7504 [1995 re-release]

Band members:
Carlo Bettini: piano, synthesizers
Steve Howe: guitars, bass
Paul Sutin: piano, synthesizers

Additional musicians:
Barry Schulmann: flute, soprano sax (8)

Produced and mixed by Paul Sutin

1. A Venetian Passage [Bettini/Sutin/Howe] (7:10)
2. A Light Romance [Sutin/Bettini] (3:37)
3. Passion Magica [Sutin/Howe] (6:11)
4. The Substance Of Stars [Bettini] (3:10)
5. Seraphim [Sutin/Howe/Bettini] (8:34)
6. The New Moon [Sutin] (2:58)
7. Sequential Fantasy [Sutin/Howe] (5:39)
8. San Marco's Journey [Sutin/Howe/Schulman] (6:08)

Notes: (**) Sutin had already begun work on this album when he was introduced to Steve Howe. That introduction came via Terry Yallop, from whom Howe and Alan White had bought a health food store in London. (HP, 7 Dec 05)

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