Tony Levin

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Solo albums

World Diary, 1995
Waters of Eden, 2000
Pieces of the Sun, 2002
Tony Levin Band: Double Espresso, 2002
Prime Cuts, ?2005
Fragile as a Song (book)
Fire Cross the Sky, 2016 (digital single track)

Stick Men

Midori, 2016
Prog Noir, 2016


Bozzio Levin Stevens: Black Light Syndrome, 1997
Gorn Levin Marotta: From the Caves of the Iron Mountain, 1997
Bruford Levin: Upper Extremities, 1998
Liquid Tension Experiment: Liquid Tension Experiment, 1998
Liquid Tension Experiment: Liquid Tension Experiment 2, 1999
California Guitar Trio with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto: CG3+2, 2002
various artists: After the Storm, 2006
Levin Torn White: Levin Torn White, 2011
The Levin Brothers: Levin Brothers, 2014
Levin Minnemann Rudess: Levin Minnemann Rudess
Levin Minnemann Rudess: From the Law Offices of Levin Minnemann Rudess, 2016

King Crimson

Discipline, 1981
Beat, 1982
Three of a Perfect Pair, 1984
The Essential King Crimson: Frame by Frame, 1991
The Concise King Crimson, 1993
VROOOM, 1994 (EP)
B'BOOM, 1995
THRaKaTTaK, 1996
Absent Lovers, 1998
Cirkus: The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson, 1999
The ProjeKcts, 1999
The Deception of the Thrush, 1999
Vrooom Vrooom, 2001
BPM&M: XtraKcts and ArtifaKcts, 2002
The Elements of King Crimson [2014], 2014
Live at the Orpheum, 2015
Cyclops picture disc, 2015 (EP)
Live in Toronto - November 20th 2015, 2016
Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind, 2016

King Crimson Collectors' Club:
4: Live at Cap D'Agde 1982, 1999
5-6: On Broadway—Live in NYC 1995, 1999
7: ProjeKct Four: Line in San Francisco 1998, 1999
8: The VROOOM Sessions 1994, 1999
11: Live at Moles Club, Bath, 1981, 2000
13: Nashville Rehearsals, 1997, 2000
16: Live in Berkeley, CA 1982, 2001
19: Live in Nashville, TN, 2001, 2002
21: The Champaign-Urbana Sessions 1983, 2002
22: ProjeKct One: Live in London 1997
Collectors' King Crimson Volume 1
Collectors' King Crimson Volume 2
Collectors' King Crimson Volume 3
Collectors' King Crimson Volume 4, 2001?


ABWH: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, 1989
ABWH: An Evening of Yes Music Plus, 1993
Yes: Union, 1991
ABWH: Live at the NEC Oct 24th 1989, 2012
Steve Howe: Anthology 2: Groups & Collaborations, 2017


Gowan: Great Dirty World, 1987
Pink Floyd: A Momentary Lapse of Reason, 1987
Manzanera & MacKay: Crack the Whip, 1988
Requiem for the Americas—Songs from the Lost World, 1989
Syd Straw: Surprise, 1989
Peter Gabriel: Shaking the Tree, 1990
Phil Manzanera: The Manzanera Collection, 1995
Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited, 1996
Andy Summers: The Last Dance of Mr X, 1997
Bat Head Soup—A Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne
Bar Scott: Grapes and Seeds, 2000
Asia: Aura, 2001
The Bulgarian Women's Choir—Angelite: Voices of Life, 2001
Artie Traum: South of Lafayette
Kevin Max: Stereotype Be
Steve Adelson: The Answer's Inside
Fiorella Mannoia: Fragile
Asia: Armada 1, 2002
various artists: Pigs & Pyramids—An All Star Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd, 2002
Jack Russell: For You, 2002
Vapourspace: Sonic Residue from Vapourspace (The Magna Carta Remix Series, Volume I), 2002
David Bowie: Heathen, 2002
Donna Lewis: Be Still, 2002
Magellan: Hundred Year Flood, 2002
Warren Zevon: My Ride's Here, 2002
Peter Gabriel: Up, 2002
Gov't Mule: The Deep End Volume 2, 2002
David Bowe: Heathen, 2002
Tom McFaul: Mass in C Minor, ?2003
Willie Oteri: Spiral Out, 2003
Sarah McLachlan: Afterglow, 2003
Anthony Curtis: Book of the Key
California Guitar Trio: Whitewater, ?2004
Bari Koral: Confessions of an Indiegirl, ?2005
Jon Durant: Things Behind the Sun, ?2005
Susanna Parigi, Indifferenza, ?2005
Carl Hupp Project, Hyper Statue, ?2005
Gap Mangione, Family Holidays, ?2005
Simon Apple: River to the Sea, ?2005
Simon Apple: River to the Sea Bonus Tracks: Alternate Mixes, Demos, Live Tracks, ?2005
Susan Robkin: Surfacing to Breath, ?2005
Steve Thorne: Emotional Creatures: Part One, 2005
Jim Weider: Percolator, 2005
Steve Howe: Spectrum, 2005
various artists: Back Against the Wall, 2005
various artists: Return to the Dark Side of the Moon, 2006
Eddie Jobson: Ultimate Zero Tour - Live, 2010
Days Between Stations: In Extremis, 2013
David Bowie: The Next Day
Dewa Budjana, with Gary Husband and Jack DeJohnette: Zentuary, 2016
various artists: Action Moves People United, 2016


various artists: Discover Narada, 2000
Yes: In a Word: Yes (1969-   ), 2002
Gov't Mule: The Deep End Volume 1 & Volume 2, 2002
various artists: Destroying Silence: An Introducton to Veneto West Records, 2006
David Bowie: Best of Bowie
various artists: P14: Brave New World, 2013
David Bowie: Nothing has Changed, 2014

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