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Solo and related

Trevor Horn/Lol Creme/Yiannis Kotsiras: Pass the Flame, 2004 (single)
various artists: Produced by Trevor Horn, 2004 (compilation)
The Reflection Wave One—Original Soundtrack, 2017

Buggles and related

Big A: Caribbean Air Control, 1978 (single)
Chromium: Star to Star, 1978
The Age of Plastic, 1979
Adventures in Modern Recording, 1981
Tom Marshall: Film Star, 1981 (single)

Art of Noise

Moments in Love, 1984 (single)
(Who's Afraid of) The Art of Noise, 1984
Daft (compilation), 1986
The Best of The Art of Noise (compilation), 1988-1997
The Seduction of Claude Debussy, 1999
Reduction, 2000
Reconstructed, 2004
And What Have You Done with My Body, God?, 2006
Influence: Hits, Singles, Moments, Treasures... (compilation), 2010

Drama, 1980/expanded and remastered, 2004
90125, 1983/expanded and remastered, 2004
9012Live: The Solos, 1985
Big Generator, 1987
YesYears, 1991
Yesstory, 1992
Highlights—The Very Best of Yes, 1993
In a Word: Yes (1969-   ), 2002
Yes Remixes, 2003
The Ultimate Yes—35th Anniversary Collection, 2003/2004
The Word is Live, 2005
Fly from Here, 2011

Other Appearances

Boogatti: Come Back Marianne, 1977 (single)
Christopher J. Trevor and the Gnasher Bashers: Oscar and the Great Wooferoo, 1978 (single)
Nola Fontaine: Love You Tonight, 1978 (single)
Allan Stewart: Heaven Above, 1978 (single)
Lips: Say Hello to My Girl, 1978 (single)
Gardner & Boult: Magic Eyes, 1979 (single)
Gardner & Boult: Hollywood, 1979 (single)
John Howard: Baby Go Now, 1979 (single)
Dollar: The Dollar Album, 1982
ABC: The Lexicon of Love, 1982/Lexicon of Love (Deluxe Edition), 2004
Malcolm McLaren: Duck Rock, 1983
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasuredome, 1984/ltd edition, 2000
Band Aid: Do They Know It's Christmas?, 1984 (single)
Grace Jones: Slave to the Rhythm, 1985
Propaganda: A Secret Wish, 1985
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Liverpool, 1986/ltd edition, 2000
Propaganda: Wishful Thinking
Gary Glitter: Rock 'n' Roll Part 5, 1987 (single)
Act: Laughter, Tears and Rage, 1988/Laughter Tears and Rage—The Anthology, 2003
Pet Shop Boys: Introspective, 1988/remastered & expanded, 2001
The Mint Juleps: Power of Six, 1988
Pet Shop Boys: It's Alright, 1989 (single)
Simple Minds: Street Fighting Years, 1989
Paul McCartney: Flowers in the Dirt, 1989/remastered & expanded, 1993/archive collection, 2017
Seal: Crazy, 1990 (single)
808 State: The Only Rhyme that Bites, 1990 (single)
Seal: Seal, 1991
Marc Almond: Tenement Symphony, 1991
Lomax: Waiting in Vain, 1991 (single)
Terry Reid: The Driver, 1991
Betsy Cook: The Girl Who Ate Herself, 1992
Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells II, 1992
Barry Manilow: Could It be Magic, 1993 (single)
Tom Jones: If I Only Knew, 1994 (single)
Seal: Seal, 1994
Cher: It's A Man's World,1995
Pet Shop Boys: Alternative, 1995
Rod Stewart: A Spanner in the Works, 1995
The Glam Metal Detectives: Everybody Up!, 1995 (single)
The Glam Metal Detectives: Glam Metal Detectives
Tina Turner: Wildest Dreams, 1996
Public Demand: Invisible, 1997 (single)
Seal: Human Being, 1998
Malcom McLaren Presents Rakim: Buffalo Gals Back to Skool, 1998 (single)
Lee Griffiths: Feeling the Strain, 1999 (EP)
Charlotte Church: Just Wave Hello, 1999 (single)
Charlotte Church: Charlotte Church, 1999
Dove: Don't Dream (CD 1), 1999 (single)
Davids Daughters: Dreaming of Loving You, 1999 (single)
Eros Ramazzotti: Stilelibero, 2000
various artists: Coyote Ugly, 2000
LeAnn Rimes: Can't Fight the Moonlight (single), 2000
LeAnn Rimes: I Need You, 2001
LeAnn Rimes: But I Do Love You (single), 2001
LeAnn Rimes: The Right Kind of Wrong—Remixed" (single), 2001
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Maximum Joy (part compilation)
Pearl Harbour, 2001
Faith Hill: There You'll Be (single)
Ali, 2001
t.A.T.u.: All the Things She Said, 2002 (single)
t.A.T.u.: 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane, 2002
various artists: More Music from Coyote Ugly, 2003
Bryan Adams/Hans Zimmer: Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron, 2002
Geoffrey Downes and the New Dance Orchestra: The Collection, 2003
Seal: Seal IV, 2003
Seal: Love's Divine, 2003 (single)
Lovefield: Vivid, 2003
Texas: Careful What You Wish For, 2003
Belle and Sebastian: Step Into My Office, Baby, 2003 (single)
Belle and Sebastian: Dear Catastrophe Waitress, 2003
Belle and Sebastian: I'm a Cuckoo, 2004 (single)
Belle and Sebastian: Wrapped Up in Books, 2004 (single)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Twelve Inches (part compilation)
various artists: Music from the Motion Picture Mona Lisa Smile, 2003
Lisa Stansfield: The Moment, 2004
Lisa Stansfield: Easier/Treat Me Like a Woman, 2004 (single)
Tina Turner: All the Best, 2004
Seal: Best: 1991-2004, 2004
G4: G4, 2005
t.A.T.u.: Dangerous and Moving, 2005
The Delays: Valentine, 2006 (single)
The Delays: You See Colours, 2006
Captain: Broke, 2006 (single)
Captain: This is Hazelville, 2006
Pet Shop Boys: I'm with Stupid, 2006 (single)
Pet Shop Boys: Fundamental, 2006
Pet Shop Boys: Concrete
Pet Shop Boys: Disco Four
Ewan Pearson: Piece Work
David Jordan: Place in My Heart, 2007 (single)
David Jordan: Set the Mood, ?2007
various artists: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?, 2007
Danny Elfman: Wanted (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 2008
John Legend: If You're Out There, 2008 (digital single)
John Legend: Evolver, 2008
various artists: Israel - Home of Hope, 2008
Escala: Escala, 2009
Kid Harpoon: Once, 2009
Robbie Williams: Bodies, 2009 (single)
Robbie Williams: Reality Killed the Video Star, 2009
Robbie Williams: You Know Me, 2009 (single)
Aviv Geffen: Aviv Geffen, 2009
Rod Stewart: Once in a Blue Moon—The Lost Album, 2010
The Squad: 3 Lions 2010, 2010
Olly Murs: Olly Murs, 2010
Jeff Beck: Emotion & Commotion, 2011
Blackfield: Welcome to My DNA, 2011
Seal: Soul 2, 2011
Estelle: All of Me, 2012
The Overtones: Higher, 2012
Dog is Dead: All Our Favourite Stories, 2012
Spector: Enjoy It While It Lasts, 2012
Renato Zero: Amo - Capitolo 1, 2013
Johnny Borrell: Borrell 1, 2013
Billy Idol: Kings & Queens of the Underground, 2014
Spandau Ballet: The Story: The Very Best of Spandau Ballet, 2014
Seal: 7, 2015
Ricky Lipschitz: The Referendum Game, 2016 (single)
Artists for Grenfell: Bridge Over Troubled Water, 2017 (single)
9nine: SunSunSunrise, 2017 (single)
Legacy: 3 Chord Trick, 2017

Covers / samples

Bruce Woolley and The Camera Club: English Garden, 1979
Ringo: Qui est Ce Grand Corbeau Noir, 1979
Mini★Pops: Mini★Pops, 1981
Jun'ichi Kanemaru: Inspired Colors, 1993
Stevie Nicks: Street Angel, 1994
The Prodigy: Firestarter, 1996 (single)
Ben Folds Five: Whatever and Ever Amen, 1997
The Presidents of the United States of America: Pure Frosting, 1998
Lolita No.18: ヤリタミン, 1999
Ken Laszlo: Ken Laszlo 2000, 2000
Anne Dudley: A Different Light, 2002
Eminem: The Eminem Show, 2002
Erasure: Other People's Songs, 2003
Dragonheart: Video Killed the Radio Star, 2004 (single)
Maria Doyle Kennedy: Skull Cover, 2004
various artists: Punk Goes 80's, 2005
Len: The Diary of the Madmen, 2005
The Feeling: Rosé, 2007 (single)
Haruko Momoi: COVER BEST カバー電車, 2007
Bitch Alert: Pink Bunnies Get Hit by Big Trucks, 2008 (compilation)
V V Brown: Travelling Like the Light (iTunes version), 2009
various artists: Japan 3.11.11: A Benefit Album, 2011
Young London: Video Killed the Radio Star, 2012 (single)
Joyce Manor: Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired, 2012
Pomplamoose: Season Two, 2014
9nine: Why Don't You Relax?, 2017


various artists: Now That's What I Call Music 15, 1989
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Bang!
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Reload!
various artists: Music of the Millennium 2, 2000
various artists: Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000, 2000
various artists: Now! The Christmas Album, 2000
various artists: Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 47
various artists: Now Dance 2001 Part 2
Mike Oldfield: The Best of Tubular Bells, 2001
ABC: Look of Love, 2001
various artists: Atomic 80s, 2001
various artists: Simply the Best 80's, 2001
various artists: Electro Pop, 2001
Faith Hill: There You'll Be: The Best of Faith Hill, 2001
various artists: Simply the Best Movie Album, 2001
various artists: Now That's What I Call Christmas!, 2001
Shane MacGowan & The Popes: The Rare Oul' Stuff , 2001
Rod Stewart: The Story So Far—The Very Best of Rod Stewart, 2001
ABC: Hello! - An Introduction to ABC, 2001
various artists: School Disco—Spring Term
Propaganda: Outside World, 2002
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Rage Hard
Pet Shop Boys: PopArt
various artists: Unity: The Official ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Album, 2004
Tina Turner: All the Best, 2004
various artists: Grammy Nominees 2005, 2005?
various artists: Electric '80s
various artists: The Big Stiff Box Set
various artists: North By North West: Liverpool & Manchester from Punk to Post-Punk & Beyond 1976-1984
Barry Manilow: Greatest Songs of the Seventies
various artists: Zang Tumb Tuum: The ZTT Box Set, 2008
various artists: Island Life: 50 Years of Island Records, 2009
various artists: Zambient One, 2013
Steve Howe: Anthology 2: Groups & Collaborations, 2017

Promos and Rarities

Tom Jones: Mr. Jones promo, 2002

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