Album: Two Sides of Peter Banks
Artist: Peter Banks
1973 Capitol
One Way S21-18009 [re-release]
CD [re-release]

Peter Banks: electric and acoustic guitar, ARP, Mini Moog, Fender piano
Jan Akkerman: electric guitar (1, 4, 6, 8, 9), acoustic guitar (7)
Ray Bennett: bass guitar (3-5, 8, 9)
Phil Collins: drums (4, 5, 8, 9)
Steve Hackett: electric guitar (5)
Mike Hough: drums (3)
John Whetton (sic): bass guitar (5)

1. Visions of the King [Banks/Akkerman] (1:23)
2. The White House Vale [Banks] (7:13)
    (a) On the Hill
    (b) Lord of the Dragon
3. Knights [Banks] (6:14)
    (a) The Falcon
    (b) The Bear
4. Battles [Banks/Akkerman] (1:38)
5. Knights (Reprise) [Banks] (2:11)
6. Last Eclipse [Banks/Akkerman] (2:25)
7. Beyond the Loneliest Sea [Akkerman] (3:06)
8. Stop That! [Banks/Akkerman] (13:47)
9. Get Out of My Fridge [Banks/Akkerman] (3:20)

Notes (****): Banks set to work on his debut solo album while also recording the third Flash album Out of Our Hands. Flash bandmates Bennett and Hough guested, although Bennett subsequently said they never got paid for the sessions. Guests include John Wetton of King Crimson and Asia fame—they just spelled his name wrong on the album sleeve. (HP, 3 Dec 2005; thanks to Scott R Burrows and John Sowalsky for providing info)

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