Album: UK..
Artist: U.K.
1978 E.G.

Band Members:
Bill Bruford: kit drums, percussion
Allan Holdsworth: guitars
John Wetton: bass, vocals
Eddie Jobson: keyboards, electric violin, electronics

Produced by U.K.
Stephen W Tayler: engineering, mixing

1. "In the Dead of Night" [Jobson/Wetton] (5:38)
2. "By the Light of Day" [Jobson/Wetton] (4:32)
3. "Presto Vivace and Reprise" [Jobson/Wetton] (2:58)
4. "Thirty Years" [Wetton/Jobson/Bruford] (8:09)
5. "Alaska" [Jobson] (4:45)
6. "Time to Kill" [Jobson/Wetton/Bruford] (4:55)
7. "Nevermore" [Holdsworth/Jobson/Wetton] (8:09)
8. "Mental Medication" [Holdsworth/Bruford/Jobson] (7:31)

All lyrics by Wetton, except (8) by Bruford

Notes: (****) Wetton and Bruford has continued working together after Robert Fripp had brought the '72-4 King Crimson incarnation to a close. This included the planned supergroup with Rick Wakeman to be called British Bulldog, the sessions for which included early versions of some of the material that ended up here. Fripp then proposed a reunion with Wetton and Bruford. Jobson, who had contributed overdubs for the King Crimson live album USA, was asked to join. He did, but Fripp backed out, with Bruford suggesting Holdsworth as a replacement: thus UK was born. Wetton and Jobson got together and wrote the bulk of the album before being joined by the others.

(1)-(3) form a suite. (1) b/w (8) was released as a single. The result continues the sound of King Crimson, but UK's first album is not as gloomy or dark as the mid-seventies Crimson albums, with Jobson's fast-paced keys and electric violin to the fore. Bill Bruford's drumming is as good as ever. There is, however, something about the album that does not quite gel for me and it is like that the band truly blossmed. The band toured as a four piece, including in their set some material to later appear on their second album, Danger Money. However, tensions arose within the band between Wetton/Jobson on one side and Bruford/Holdsworth on the other, with the latter wanting a more improvisational approach. The band split, although it is unclear how bad-tempered this event was or was not. Holdsworth stuck with Bruford for his debut solo album, One of a Kind, which included a UK left over in the form of the Bruford/Jobson co-write "The Sahara of Snow - Part 2". UK continued as a trio, with Terry Bozzio on drums. Although in a Jan 2017 interview, ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett said that Wetton invited him to join the group at this time. He declined: "I said I didn't think that I would technically be up to that at that time[.] Plus, I was in the first flush of doing solo stuff and I was worried about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire." (HP, 19 Feb 2017, from an earlier version by Matt Putzel, with info from Francois Angers)

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