Album: Voyagers
Artist: Steve Howe & Paul Sutin
1995 CMC; 2000 Armoury Records (Eagle Rock Entertainment Plc)
CD: CMC 7503 [1995]; ARMCD022/GAS0000022ARM [2000]

Band members:
Dylan Howe: drums, percussion
Steve Howe: guitars, keyboards, flute synth (3)
Mike Marshall: keyboards, programming
Paul Sutin: piano, keyboards, bass, percussion, programming

Additional musicians:
Carlo Bettini: synth solo (5)
Benoit Corboz: string arrangement (10)

Produced by Steve Howe
Co-producers: Paul Sutin and Steve Howe
Liner notes [2002]: Chris Welch

1. Telepathy [Sutin/Howe] (4:16)
2. Dreams of Freedom [Sutin/Howe] (4:38)
3. Quantum Leap [Sutin/Howe] (4:15)
4. Sweet Eternity [Sutin/Howe] (4:47)
5. Sanctuary [Sutin/Howe] (4:23)
6. Ocean Light [Sutin/Marshall] (2:01)
7. Voyager [Sutin/Howe] (4:42)
8. Fantasia for Fins [Sutin/Howe] (4:54)
9. Pied Piper [Sutin/Howe/Marshall] (4:17)
10. Sonar Call [Sutin/Corboz] (7:12)

For the 2002 release, the tracks were re-ordered and the writing credits slight changed:
A1. Sweet Eternity [Howe/Sutin]
A2. Telepathy [Howe/Sutin/Jerome]
A3. Sanctuary [Howe/Sutin]
A4. Voyager [Howe/Sutin]
A5. Dreams of Freedom [Howe/Sutin]
A6. Quantum Leap [Howe/Sutin/Jerome]
A7. Pied Piper [Howe/Suti/Marshall]
A8. Fantasia for Fins [Howe/Sutin]
A9. Sonar Call [Corbaoz/Sutin]
A10. Ocean Light [Marshall/Sutin]

Notes: (***) Originally to be entitled Voyagers in the Blue Universe (as the album was to be about dolphins, but the idea was dropped when everybody was doing dolphins), this is Howe and Sutin's second album together after Seraphim in 1988. Sutin pre-recorded much of the album before Howe joined him in Switzerland. Howe is quoted in the 2002 re-release's liner notes:

Paul would put down a whole lot of music and I would have a stab at it and then other people would get involved. Once it was completed I got together with engineer René Hill to produce the final mix. [...] We wanted this album to be more melodic and more rhythmical than 'Seraphim.' But we didn't want to lose the idea of creating mainly gentle music. On this CD [the 2002 re-release] we have changed the running order from the original version to introduce a soothing element earlier in the album.
Howe also describes (A1) as his favourite track.

Dylan Howe is Steve's eldest son, with whom he has collaborated on multiple projects. Mike Marshall has also worked with Jon Anderson. (HP, 7 Dec 05)

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