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28 Aug: Added Anthology 2: Groups & Collaborations (Steve Howe/various artists, w/ Anderson, R Wakeman, Squire, Bruford, White, Horn, Downes, Levin, Sherwood, Khoroshev, David, O Wakeman, Davison), The Reflection Wave One—Original Soundtrack (Trevor Horn) and "SunSunSunrise" (9nine, w/ Horn).

30 Jul: Added We Dissolve (Chrysta Bell, w/ Downes).

18 Jul: Added Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Symphonic (The London Orion Orchestra, w/ R Wakeman).

15 Jul: Updated Flowers in the Dirt (Paul McCartney, w/ Horn). Added Strangers in Strange Places and The Future Left Behind (both Leon Alvarado, w/ Bruford and Sherwood/R Wakeman respectively).

12 Jul: Updated Igor Khoroshev and Tom Brislin.

9 Jul: Added Piano Portraits (Rick Wakeman).

24 Jun: Added "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Artists for Grenfell, w/ Horn).

17 Jun: Added Chaptersend (Mogador, w/ Davison).

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