World Trade- LP

Album: World Trade
Artist: World Trade
1989 PolyGram Records
CD: 839-626-2

Billy Sherwood: lead & backing vocals, basses
Bruce Gowdy: guitars, vocals
Guy Allison: keyboards, vocals
Mark T. Williams: drums, percussion, vocals

Chris Squire: backing vocals (6)

Produced by Keith Olsen & World Trade

1. The Painted Corner [Sherwood/Gowdy/Allison] (1:44)
2. The Moment is Here [Sherwood/Gowdy] (4:30)
3. Can't Let You Go [Sherwood/Gowdy/Allison] (4:14)
4. Life-Time [Sherwood/Gowdy] (5:01)
5. Fight to Win [Sherwood/Gowdy] (4:26)
6. Sense of Freedom [Sherwood/Gowdy/Williams] (5:40)
7. The Revolution Song [Sherwood/Gowdy] (5:16)
8. One Last Chance [Sherwood/Gowdy/Williams] (4:56)
9. Wasting Time [Sherwood/Gowdy/Allison] (3:38)
10. Emotional Wasteland [Sherwood/Gowdy/Allison] (4:32)
11. Open the Door [Sherwood/Gowdy/Williams] (5:33)

Notes: Thanks to Eddie Lee for providing information. Sherwoo described making the album in an Aug 2015 YesWorld Q&A:
I have a definite vivid memory of making that record because that’s right when I met Chris and started hanging out with him. I asked him “Would you please come sing on my record, we’re doing this World Trade album and I’d love you to come and do an overdub just so I’ve got you on this record, man!”

So Chris is actually on that record singing ‘Sense of Freedom’. He sings that background part at the end: “hold on to your sense of freedom” and that’s the thing I remember the most, standing in the studio watching him sing and looking at the guys and going “it’s fucking Chris Squire out there!” I was still in complete awe at that point.

(HP, 30 Aug 2015)

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