Album: 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane
Artist: t.A.T.u.
2002 Interscope Records [Canada]
CD: 440064 1072

Band members:
Lena Katina: vocals
Julia Volkova: vocals

Produced by Trevor Horn (1, 2, 6, 9, 10), Martin Kierszenbaum & Robert Orton (3-5, 7, 8, 11)
Engineered & mixed by Robert Orton
Mastered by Bob Ludwig
Executive producer: Ivan Shapovalov
A&R: Martin Kierszenbaum

Video directed by Ivan Shapovalov
Photography by Sheryl Nields

1. Not Gonna Get Us [mus: S. Galoyan with co-author; lyr: Horn/E. Kiper/V. Polienko] (4:22)
2. All the Things She Said [mus: Galoyan with co-author; lyr: Horn/Kierszenbaum/Kiper/Polienko] (3:34)
3. Show Me Love [Galoyan/Kierszenbaum/Polienko] (4:16)
4. 30 Minutes [Galoyan/Kierszenbaum/Shapovalov/Polienko] (3:18)
5. How Soon is Now? [Morissey/J. Marr] (3:16)
6. Clowns (Can You See Me Now?) [Horn/E. Kuritsin/Shapovalov/Polienko] (3:12)
7. Malchik Gay [mus: S. Galoyan with co-author; lyr: A. Karaseva/Kierszenbaum/V. Stepantsov] (3:09)
8. Stars [Kierszenbaum/Polienko/Shapovalov/A. Voitinskiy/A. Vulih] (4:09)
9. Ya Soshla s Uma [mus: Galoyan with co-author; lyr: Kiper/Polienko] (3:34)
10. Nas Ne Dagoniat [mus: Galoyan with co-author; lyr: Kiper/Polienko] (4:23)
11. Show Me Love (Extended Version) (5:08)
12. multimedia content: Behind-the-Scenes with Julia and Lena (Part 2) and "All the Things She Said" music video

Arranged by D. Dvoretskiy, S. Galoyan, T. Horn, M. Kierszenbaum, E. Kuritsin, R. Orton, R. Ryabtsev, A. Voitinskiy

Notes: Tatoo or Tatu (depending on how you transcribe the Cyrillic 'Taty' [tattoo]), the teenage duo of Lena Katina and Julia (or Yulia) Volkova, were the creation of record producer Ivan Shapovalov. The band were a controversial hit in their native Russia with the Platinum-selling 200 Po Vstrechnoy (2001), an album of songs about schoolgirl lesbianism. This English-language remake, a worldwide hit, brought in Trevor Horn among others.

Ivan Shapovalov has been accused of appealing to the 'dirty mac brigade' with a pair of young girls (under 16 when the band began) singing in skimpy costumes and even he says he came up with the idea for the band after viewing pornographic websites. The photos in the CD booklet of Julia and Lena are highly suggestive, as are many of the lyrics, but for all the controversy, they are less pornographic than numerous of today's acts—this is nothing compared to the likes of Christina Aguillera's "Dirrty".

A throwback to the classic Horn-produced electro-pop of the '80s with a gorgeously layered production and driving beats, the vocals mix adolescent romantic intensity with torturously melodramatic angst. The manic keyboard lead in "All the Things She Said" has a certain Buggles reminiscence about it, but many of the similarities to Horn's style across the album pre-date his involvement. While Horn's production influence can be heard on the English-language version of the songs, they aren't radically different compared to the Russian-language originals. (1) is a remake of "Nas Ne Dagoniat" from 200 Po Vstrechnoy, (2) is a remake of "Ya Soshla s Uma [I've Lost My Mind]", (3) is a remake of "Ya Tvoja Ne Pervaya [I'm Not Your First One]", "30 Minutes" is a remake of "30 Minut", "Malchek Gay" is a remake of "Malchik-Gay [Gay Boy]", "How Soon is Now" is a cover of The Smiths song (the only new track compared to 200 Po Vstrechnoy), "Stars" is a remake of "Zachem Ya [Why Me]", "Clowns (Can You See Me Now)" is a remake of "Klouny [Clowns]". Some of the original Russian instrumental tracks seem to have been re-used. (9) and (10) are with the original Russian-language lyrics. The lyrics do seem to flow more naturally in the original Russian, although the slightly accented English can add an exotic quality.

The lead single from the album was 'All the Things She Said'. (HP, 1 Feb 03)

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