Album: A Spoonful of Time
Artist: Nektar
2012 Cleopatra Records

Nektar members:
Roye Albrighton: vocals, guitar
Ron Howden: drums
Klaus Henatsch: keys
Billy Sherwood: bass (5, 9, 13, 14), backing vocals (2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 14), synth intro (2), synth (7), guitar solo (4)

Jürgen Engler: bass (1-4, 6-8, 10-12)
Michael Pinnella: keys (1)
Mark Kelly: keys (2)
Geoff Downes: keys (3)
Joel Vandroogenbroeck: flute (3, 13, 14), keys (3), sitar (13, 14)
Edgar Froese: keys (4)
Ian Paice: drums (5)
Nik Turner: sax (5)
Steve Howe: guitar (6)
Derek Sherinian: keys (6)
Mel Collins: flute (6), sax (6)
Simon House: violin (7, 10)
Billy Sheehan: bass (8)
Rod Argent: keys (8)
Joakim Svalberg: keys (9)
Ginger Baker: drums (9)
David Cross: violin (11)
Jerry Goodman: violin (12)
Rick Wakeman: keys (13)
Patrick Moraz: keys (14)
Bobby Kimball: vocals (14)

Produced by Jürgen Engler & Chris Lietz
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
Mixed by Sherwood at CIRCA:HQ Studios
Management: John Lappen

1. "Sirius" [A Parsons/E Woolfson] (2:54), originally by Alan Parsons Project
2. "Spirit of the Radio" [N Peart/G Lee/A Lifeson] (5:07), originally by Rush
3. "Fly Like an Eagle" [S Miller] (4:05), originally by Steve Miller
4. "Wish You were Here" [R Waters/D Gilmour] (6:18), originally by Pink Floyd
5. "For the Love of Money" [K Gamle/L Huff/A Jackson] (7:41), originally by The O'Jays
6. "Can't Find My Way Back Home" [S Winwood] (3:25), originally by Blind Faith
7. "2000 Light Years from Home" [M Jagger/K Richards] (4:58), originally by The Rolling Stones
8. "Riders on the Storm" [J Densmore/R Manzarek/R Krieger/J Morrison] (6:47), originally by The Doors
9. "Blinded by the Light" [B Springsteen] (7:17), originally by Bruce Springsteen
10. "Out of the Blue" [B Ferry/P Manzanera] (4:50), originally by Roxy Music
11. "Old Man" [N Young] (3:24), originally by Neil Young
12. "Dream Weaver" [G Wright] (4:13), originally by Gary Wright
13. "I'm Not in Love" [G Gouldman/E Stewart] (5:53), originally by 10cc
14. "Africa" [D Paich/J Porcaro] (4:28), originally by Toto

Deluxe Edition only:
1. "Sirius" (instrumental) (2:51)
2. "Spirit of the Radio" (instrumental) (5:06)
3. "Fly Like an Eagle" (instrumental) (3:59)
4. "Wish You were Here" (instrumental) (6:19)
5. "For the Love of Money" (instrumental) (7:38)
6. "Can't Find My Way Back Home" (instrumental) (3:23)
7. "2000 Light Years from Home" (instrumental) (4:57)
8. "Riders on the Storm" (instrumental) (6:49)
9. "Blinded by the Light" (instrumental) (7:14)
10. "Out of the Blue" (instrumental) (4:48)
11. "Old Man" (instrumental) (3:22)
12. "Dream Weaver" (instrumental) (4:13)
13. "I'm Not in Love" (instrumental) (5:54)
14. "Africa" (instrumental) (4:28)

Notes: Cleopatra Records are known for their tribute albums with multiple guest stars, several of which have been led by Billy Sherwood. But we've also seen Cleopatra have artists do covers album, again with multiple guest stars (as with the William Shatner album, Seeking Major Tom). Here, Cleopatra teamed up with progressive rock band Nektar. It doesn't appear Nektar had much leeway though: Cleopatra came up with the idea, picked the tracks and determined performance details. The album was released around Sep 2012. As well as the CD and download, a 2LP release was billed—LP1 side A is tracks 1-4, side B is tracks 5-7, LP2 side A is 8-10—but I can't confirm if it ever appeared.

However, that version was soon withdrawn. Apparently, Cleopatra Records (specifically Brian Perrera) were unhappy with the mix. Instead they turned the album over to Sherwood, who had had no involvement on the original release but who was working with Nektar on their next studio album (Time Machine). Sherwood did a new mix of the album and recorded further parts: the credits above are for this version. By late Sep, Sherwood had completed work and passed the record on to Maor Appelbaum for mastering. The new version was released in late Nov, including a digital deluxe edition including instrumental versions of all the tracks.

Although Albrighton, Howden and Henatsch are credited on the whole album, Albrighton does not do lead vocals on (14), Howden does not perform on (5, 9) and Henatsch is only on some pieces (one report had him only on 7, 10). Earlier plans for the album had Keith Emerson (keys) on (2) and John Wetton (bass) on (5). (HP, 6 Dec 12)
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