Album: Along the Amazon sampler
Artist: Charlie Bisharat
1993 GTS Records
Cass: GTS 3-4571
Narrator: John Tesh
1. Crossroads, Tracy Chapman
2. Of Course, Jane's Addition
3. Elephant Ego, Shadowfax
4. Nice To Meet You, Yanni
5. Rayo, Strunz and Farah
6. Olympics Theme 1992, John Tesh
7. Dijon Reprise, John Tesh
SIDE B - All pieces by Charlie Bisharat 
1. Ladera Heights
2. Along the Amazon
3. Black Diamond Run
4. Madison Ave
5. Flip a Coin
Comments: This is a sampler cassette distributed by John Tesh's record label,
GTS.  Side A features excerpts from Charlie Bisharat's work with other 
artists, while Side B is comprised of samples from Bisharat's solo album.  John 
Tesh's narration includes this relevant portion: "The title track is a haunting 
ballad sung as a duet with Jon Anderson.  Remember him?  From YES."
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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