Album: HQ
Artist: CIRCA:
2009 Digital Door to Door Distribution

Billy Sherwood: bass, lead vocals
Tony Kaye: Hammond organ, keyboards
Jimmy Haun: guitars, vocals
Jay Schellen: drums, vocals

Produced by CIRCA:
Recorded & mixed by B. Sherwood at 4Tune Studios
Mastered by Joe Gastwirt

Photography & graphic design: Michi Sherwood
Logo design: Glen Wexler & Carsten Steinhausen
Business management: Rick Donaleshen

1. If It's Not Too Late (10:51)
2. Haun Solo (1:18)
3. False Start (5:08)
4. Chasing After Ghosts (7:05)
5. Set to Play (1:49)
6. Ever Changing World (4:18)
7. We Can Last (9:16)
8. Twist of Fate (5:17)
9. All Intertwined (7:29)
10. Remember Along the Way (12:36)

Notes: CIRCA:'s second album, recorded late 2008. Alan White left the band around the middle of the year to focus on Yes and was replaced by Jay Schellen, who'd worked previously with Tony Kaye in Badfinger and with Billy Sherwood on numerous projects. He'd also subbed for White at a previous CIRCA: live date. (HP, 7 Feb 09)

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