Album: Ignition
Artist: Ignition
2003 MTM Music
CD: 0681-65

Jan Johansen: lead vocals
Johan Kullberg: drums
Pontus Egberg: bass
Peter Söderström: guitars, keys, programming

Göran Edman: backing vocals
Per Hesselrud: guitar solo (1)
Patrik Söderström: bass (10)
Henrik Söderström: additional keys (4)

Produced & mixed by Peter Söderström
Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic
A&R: Magnus Söderkvist for Atenzia Records

1. Down on My Luck [Briley/Keeling/Bulen]
2. Tell Me Your Mine [Sherwood/Haun]
3. Father (Save Me) [Olsen/Marlette/Whitlock]
4. Fire with Fire [Magness/Wakefield]
5. You Can't Fool Me No More [Söderström]
6. Babylon [Funderburk/Williams/Slick]
7. Night After Night [Sherwood/Allison]
8. Goodbye to the Good Times [Marlette/Whitlock]
9. Should have Done You Right [Sherwood/Haun]
10. First to Cry [Baker/Silbar]
11. Time is Running Out [mus: Söderström, lyr: Matti Alfonzetti]

Notes: Mediocre melodic rock from this Scandinavian band who were formed to play a set of unreleased songs collected by MTM manager Magnus Soderkvist. Three of those were co-written by Sherwood: "Tell Me You're Mine" (described by Söderström as "Powerful AOR track with a rhythmic thing going on that I like."), "Night After Night" ("Quite a heavy tune this one. Riff made of pure lead. Johan pounding the poor drums with the thickest drumsticks he could find. Pontus hitting the strings of his bass with a brick.") and "Should have Done You Right" ("The ballad of the album. Good melody and the form of the song is not that obvious which I think makes it more interesting. Excellent vocals from Jan."). None are particularly notable. Sherwood's co-writers are Jimmy Haun, who played on Union, and Guy Allison of World Trade. As far as I know, they have never released their own versions of these songs. (6) is a cover of the Starship song, while John Wetton-collaborator Bob Marlette co-wrote a couple of the other pieces. (HP, 7 Mar 03)

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