Album: Namah
Artist: Peter Machajdík
2008 Music Fund Bratislava
CD: SF 00542131

Jon Anderson: vocal (4)
Guido Arbonelli: bass clarinet (6, 10)
Mayuko Kida Takine: piano (1, 4)
Enikö Ginzery: combalon (8)
Dominik Melichárek: oboe (4)
Zuzana Uškovičová: violin (4)
Floraleda Sacchi: harp (3)
Icarus Quartet (5)
    Milan Pal'a: 1st violin
    Lucia Kospová: 2nd violin
    Julián Veverica: viola
    Štěpán Švestka: cello
David Moss: voice (10), drums (10), electronics (10)
The Ján Pöschl Youth String Orchestra, conducted by Anita Mirossayová (2)
Julie Hanson Geist: soprano (10)
Darry Dolezal: cello (10)
Daniel Garel: piano (7)
Jozef Lupták: cello (9)
Peter Machajdík: electronic sounds (10), tapes (10)
Samuel Machajdík: electronic sounds (10)

Producer: Peter Machajdík
Executive producer: Helena Mat'ašová
Recorded by Václav Frkal (1), Josef Harničár (2), Paolo Scacchi (3), Hubert Geschwandtner (4, 7), Roman Laščiak (5, 8)
Recording producer: František Poul (1)
Mixed by Peter Groll (2), Scacchi (3), Geschwandtner (4), Laščiak (5, 8), Stefano Giannotti (6), Ayeshi Mehta (7)
Digitally reassembled & edited by Groll (10)
Mastered by Groll
Cover art: Simach; photo by Groll
Liner notes by Dirk Dietrich Henning

Recorded 1994 (10), 1999 (6, 10), 2001 (9, 10), 2003 (4, 7), 2007 (2, 4, 10), 2008 (1, 3, 5, 8)

1. She will be Picked by Herself (Sama Sa Natrhá) [Machajdík] (3:18)
2. Namah [Machajdík] (10:54)
3. Nell'Autunno del Suo Abbraccio Insonne [Machajdík] (8:10)
4. Sadness of Flowing [Machajdík; melody and lyrics by Anderson] (10:08)
    Part I (2:52)
    Part II (2:02)
    Part III (0:26)
    Part IV (2:35)
    Part V (2:15)
5. To the Rainbow So Close Again (Dúhe Znovu Tak Blízko) [Machajdík] (12:06)
6. Painting [Machajdík] (3:03)
7. Obscured Temptations (Zahmlené Pokušenia) [Machajdík] (7:22)
    In My Dreams I Came Forth from You (V Snoch Som Sa Z Teba Vynáral) (2:46)
    Games, Hidden Within Touches (Hry Utajené V Dotykoch) (1:35)
    You Breathed the Rainbow in Me (Dýchala Si Vo Mne Dúhu) (2:57)
8. Water Forgives (Voda Odpúšt'a) [Machajdík] (13:48)
9. Lullaby (Uspávanka) [Machajdík] (2:32)
10. 05.12.07 [Machajdík] (5:12)

Notes: After the break-up of Yes in 2004, Anderson embarked on a grand project of solo work known as 'The Big If', but in August 2006 and then July 2007, he sought collaborators in two calls in his website. Through these and more traditional methods, a string of Internet collaborations followed. Many grand plans where spoken of and a steady trickle of pieces of music began turning up on MySpace, generally consisting of Anderson singing over somebody else's recording. However, to date, few of these collaborations have resulted in actual physical releases. "Sadness of Flowing" is one of the first.

Peter Machajdík is a contemporary composer originally from Slovakia. His music is sparse, yet emotional, and this is album is a strong listening experience beyond its one track with Jon Anderson. As for that track, "Sadness of Flowing" began as a 2002 composition of Machajdík's entitled "Flowing Into the Unknown", which was recorded in 2003 and released on his album of the same name. Anderson then recorded his vocals in November 2007, at his home studio, on top of the existing piece. The combination is some of Anderson's best work in years: his narrative lyrics, vaguely reminiscent of "The Spell", are delivered with an effecting fragility over Machajdík's haunting music.

The album is available by e-mailing PM Management at namah[AT]machajdik[DOT]de; details also on Machajdík's MySpace. (HP, 26 Oct 08)

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