Album: Seal
Artist: Seal
1994 ZTT Record Ltd.
CD: 4509-96256-2

Vocals: Seal

Principal players:
Gus Isidore
Wendy Melvoin
Lisa Coleman
Jamie Muhoberac

Musicians: Jeff Beck, Bill Benham, Mark Berrow, Mike Brittain, Chris Bruce, Nick Busch, Betsy Cook, Laurence Cottle, Richard Cottle, Ben Cruft, D-Influence, Mike De Saulles, Pandit Dinesh, Charley Drayton, Anne Dudley, Andy Duncan, Jon Evans-Jones, Joseph 'Amp' Fiddler, W. Garfield-Jackson, Roger Garland, Wilfred Gibson, Trevor Horn, Luis Jardim, Paul Kegg, Pat Kiernan, Boguslaw Kostecki, Chris Laurence, Helen Liebmann, Martin Loveday, Sam Maitland, Mark Mann, Rita Manning, Harvey Mason, Jim McLeod, Perry Montague-Mason, Dick Morgan, Andy Newmark, David Oladunni, William Orbit, Peter Oxer, Pino Palladino, John Pigneguy, Anthony Pleeth, Judd Procter, Maciej Rakowski, Carmen Rizzo, Eddie Roberts, George Robertson, Seal, Jackie Shave, Bob Smissen, Roger Smith, Phil Spalding, Tony Stanton, David Theodore, Ian Thomas, Derek Watkins, Sarah Webb, Tim Weidner, Kate Wilkinson, Barry Wilde, Gavin Wright, Gota Yashiki

Joni Mitchell: additional vocal (9)
Programmers: Carmen Rizzo, Eric Cadieux, Tim Weidner

Produced by Trevor Horn
Engineers: Tim Weidner, Carmen Rizzo, Steve Fitzmaurice, Steve MacMillan, Gregg Jackman, Robin Barclay, Paul Wright, Sean Chenery
Mixers: Robin Hancock, Brian Malouf, Steve MacMillan, Tony Phillips, Tim Weidner
First assistant: Richard Lowe
Assistant to Trevor Horn: Mike Higham
Recorded mainly at Sarm West Studios, but also Sarm West Coast, Sarm Hook End, Sarm East, Real World, Angel
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen

1. Bring It On [Seal/Isidore/Melvoin/Coleman/Bruce/Rizzo]
2. Prayer for the Dying [Seal/Isidore]
3. Dreaming in Metaphors [Seal/Isidore]
4. Don't Cry [Seal]
5. Fast Changes [Seal/Isidore]
6. Kiss from a Rose [Seal]
7. People Asking Why [Seal]
8. Newborn Friend [Seal]
9. If I Could [Seal]
10. I'm Alive [Seal/Isidore/Melvoin/Coleman/Rizzo]
11. Bring It On (Reprise) [Seal/Isidore/Melvoin/Coleman/Bruce/Rizzo]

string arrangements: Anne Dudley, Wil Malone
orchestra sessions arranged by Graeme Perkins

Notes: Seal's second album, confusingly also called Seal. Many of the performers were on the first Seal album: note Tim Weidner, Magnification producer, as one of the engineers, as before, but now also credited as a musician. Also note GTR's Phil Spalding, Art of Noise's Anne Dudley and William Orbit before he was famous. (HP; 6 Apr 03)

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