Album: The Best of South America 1993 
Artist: Jon Anderson
1994 Iron Clad Entertainment
CD: no catalog number
Band Members:
Jon Anderson -lead vocals
Luis Perez - percussion
Edwardo Del Signore - bass
Freddy Ramos - guitar
Keith Heffner - keyboards
Aaron Serfaty - drums
Deborah Anderson - harmonic vocals
Nina Swan - vocals
1. Hearts  7:51
2. And You And I  6:29
3. Time And A Word  4:50
4. Owner Of A Lonely Heart  4:06
5. State Of Independence  8:18
6. Seen All Good People  6:09
7. Love Will Find A Way  5:01
Comments: There is some debate about the legitimacy of this release, 
although Yes Magazine solicited it as an "official CD" by Jon Anderson.  The flyer 
accompanying the package explained that "we [Yes Magazine] were first 
offered the set to sell by Jon's organization," which tends to suggest Anderson's 
authorization (at least at some point).
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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