Jon Anderson- Angels Embrace

Album: Angels Embrace
Artist: Jon Anderson
1995 Higher Octave Music, Inc.
CD: HOMCD 7080 [US], VHOCD 10 [UK]

Jon Anderson: vocals (all)
Deborah Anderson: vocals (3)
Jade Anderson: vocals (5)

all music performed by Jon Anderson, except
Steve Katz: keyboards (2)
Keith Heffner: keyboards (5)

Produced by Jon Anderson
Mastered by Ric Wilson with the help of John Laraio and Tal Herzberg
President, Opio Records: Jane Luttenberger

1. Myo Maya (0:50)
2. New Fire Land (14:44)
3. Angels Embrace (6:40)
4. Cloudsinging (5:37)
5. Prayersong (4:47)
6. Naturemusic (11:44)
7. Midnight Cello (4:00)

all music written by Jon Anderson

Notes: (***) Jon goes ambient in this primarily instrumental album. Some feel the album title is missing an apostrophe, but I think it's 'angels' (plural noun) 'embrace' (verb). (MP/HP, 7 Dec 03)

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