Jon & Vangelis: Page of Life [1991]     Jon & Vangelis: Page of Life [1998]

Album: Page of Life
Artist: Jon and Vangelis
1991 Arista [Europe]; 1998 Higher Octave [US]
CD: 261 373 [1991 Europe]; 45337 [1998 US]

Band members:
Jon Anderson: vocals
Vangelis: all instruments (1-5, 7-11)

Additional musicians (6):
Roy Kaplin: keyboards
Sean Murray: keyboards
Brad Ellis: keyboards
Jimmy Hahn: guitar
Eduardo del Signore: bass

Produced by Vangelis, except (6) produced by Jon Anderson

Lyrics by Jon Anderson, Music by Vangelis except 6 by Anderson

Tracks [original European release]:
1. Wisdom Chain [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (5:21)
2. Page of Life [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (3:16)
3. Money [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (6:07)
4. Jazzy Box [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (3:14)
5. Garden of Senses [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (6:23)
6. Is It Love [Anderson] (4:27)
7. Anyone Can Light a Candle [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (3:46)
8. Be a Good Friend of Mine [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (4:13)
9. Shine for Me [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (4:10)
10. Genevieve [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (3:48)
11. Journey to Ixtlan [mus: Vangelis; lyr: Anderson] (5:50)

Tracks [1998 US release]:
A1. Change We Must
A2. Anyone Can Light a Candle
A3. Page of Life
A4. Money
A5. Little Guitar
A6. Garden of Senses
A7. Genevieve
A8. Shine for Me
A9. Wisdom Chain

Notes: (***) Originally released in Europe in 1991, an alternative version was released in the US in 1998 by Anderson without Vangelis' permission, causing something of a rift between them. The 1998 version includes different tracks and some alternate versions of the common tracks. Jimmy Hahn is better known as Jimmy Haun, who played on Union among other projects. (HP, 27 Nov 05; thanks to Nicolas Delnatte for providing info)

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