Yes- Relayer
Album: Relayer
Artist: Yes
1974 Atlantic
CD: 82664-2 [Atlantic remaster]

Band Members:
Jon Anderson: vocals
Steve Howe: guitars, vocals
Patrick Moraz: keyboards
Chris Squire: bass, vocals
Alan White: drums, percussion

Produced by Yes and Eddie Offord

1. The Gates of Delirium [Anderson/Howe/Squire/White/Moraz] (21:55)
2. Sound Chaser [Anderson/Howe/Squire/White/Moraz] (9:25)
3. To be Over [Anderson/Howe/Squire/White/Moraz] (9:08)

2003 remaster bonus tracks:
4. Soon (Single Edit)
5. Sound Chaser (Single Edit) [Anderson/Howe/Squire/White/Moraz]
6. The Gates of Delirium (Studio Run-Through) [Anderson/Howe/Squire/White/Moraz]

Notes: (****) Although the album is credited to all five band members, that is a simplification of their relative contributions. Following Rick Wakeman's departure from the band, Anderson/Howe/Squire/White worked on writing Relayer while looking for a new keyboard player. Various people were tried or considered, notably Vangelis, before the band chose Patrick Moraz and by the time Moraz had joined, most of the album had been written.

Moraz has described how his first recording session in Aug 1974 involved the band playing him the first part of "Sound Chaser". Anderson asked for an introduction to the piece, which Moraz composed there and then. The introduction was recorded in a few takes after Moraz had explained their parts to Squire and White.

"The Gates of Delirium" was primarily composed by Anderson, while "To be Over" was based on a piece by Steve Howe ("The Serpentine", released on Homebrew 2), then expanded by him and Anderson.

On a Sirius XM interview on the 2017 Cruise to the Edge, White said for the album, "We built a whole percussion tree out of pieces of cars, like springs and stuff" for "The Gates of Delirium". (HP, 12 Feb 17)

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