Album: The Mother's Day Concert
Artist: Jon Anderson
2006 Voiceprint

Recorded at Martin Brothers Winery, Paso Robles, 12 May 1996
Project co-ordinator: Daniel Earnshaw
Executive producer: Rob Ayling
Artwork: Mark Wilkinson
Mastered by Mike Pietrini
Photos by Roxi Cook
Thanks to Matt Putzel

1. Intro (1:31)
2. I'll Find My Way Home (5:47)
3. Wonderous Stories (3:47)
4. Charlie Brown Theme (1:47)
5. Children of Light (3:53)
6. Time and a Word/Soon (4:37)
7. Owner of a Lonely Heart (7:50)
8. Longwalker Speaks (6:52)
9. Change We Must (9:08)
10. Time has Come (4:07)
11. One More Time (7:16)
12. And You and I (6:48)
13. State of Independence (6:02)
14. Revealing Science of God (Intro) (1:37)
15. I've Seen All Good People (6:49)

Notes: (****) This audience recording was originally released as part of The Lost Tapes box set and then separately; see The Lost Tapes for more details. The release does not give any performing or songwriting credits. Anderson mostly performed with a 6-piece band, but there were many additional guests. My research to date indicates the following:

Jon Anderson: vocals, Indian drum (1), guitar (8, ?)
David Tolley: keys
Keith Heffner: keys (11, ?)
Kevin Dickey: bass
Eduardo del Signore: bass (13)
Tim ?: percussion
Greg Notley: ?
John ?: ?
Asa Fisher: guitar
Jade Anderson, Jane Luttenberger Anderson, Jane's sister et al.: choir (7, 9, 12, 13, 15)
Ernie Longwalker: speech (8)

There is a fair amount of chat from Anderson between the songs, so the actual duration of the music is often shorter than the track times shown. (4) is a solo by Tolley. (5) is notable for preceding the songs release on Keys to Ascension 2; in introducing it, Anderson talks about plans to record it with Yes. Anderson sings new lyrics for the end of (7). (8) starts with about a minute of music, before Anderson introduces Longwalker. Most of the track is a speech by Longwalker with musical accompaniment continuing the initial piece. Longwalker's speech in praise of women is fairly sexist nonetheless! (10) was later developed for EarthMotherEarth, but this version includes further material to the music of "Richard". Anderson introduces (10) as a song for the Ukrainian people, being about the river Dnieper in Kiev, and he describes a recent trip to Ukraine. (14) is a short a cappella performance by Anderson.

Jade Anderson is Jon's daughter. Jane Luttenberger Anderson is Jon's wife. Tolley co-wrote material on Change We Must. Heffner played on Toltec and Angels Embrace and with Kitaro. Dickey has engineered for Anderson, including on Toltec. Del Signore played on releases including Deseo. Longwalker also appears on Toltec.

This was a one-off show and was soon bootlegged, although this release uses a superior source. It is infamous for the appearance of a twister during the show, as Anderson comments on during (12).

Yescography's own Matt Putzel helped locate the recording for this release. (HP, 25 Dec 06; updated 26 Nov 10)

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