Album: The Lost Tapes
Artist: Jon Anderson

Project co-ordinator: Daniel Earnshaw
Executive producer: Rob Ayling
Artwork: Mark Wilkinson

Album 1: Interview (JAVPBX01CD)
Jon Anderson, interviewed by Jon Kirkman
Recorded in Manchester 29 Oct 2006
Mastered by Dallas Simpson

1. unlabelled (40:40)

Album 2: see The Mother's Day Concert (JAVPBX02CD)
Album 3: see Searching for the Songs (JAVPBX03CD)
Album 4: see Live in Sheffield 1980 (JAVPBX04CD)
Album 5: see Watching the Flags That Fly (JAVPBX05CD)
Album 6: see The Lost Tapes of Opio (JAVPBX06CD)

Album 20: Binaural in Boston (JAVPBX20CD)
Recorded in Boston, 6 Nov 2005
Mastered by Mike Pietrini
Photography by Edward Ajaj

1. Harmony (2:43)
2. Long Distance Runaround (2:01)
3. Father Sky (4:56)
4. Yours is No Disgrace (4:35)
5. Richard (6:12)
6. You Lift Me Up (3:52)
7. I'll Find My Way Home (3:57)
8. This is (The Buddha Song) (6:47)
9. Piano Medley (7:49)
10. Show Me (3:27)
11. Owner of a Lonely Heart (3:45)
12. White Buffalo (4:41)
13. And You and I (2:35)
14. Soon (5:11)
15. Your Move (4:18)
16. O'er (1:17)

Notes: This box set of rarities, sort of an official bootleg collection, came with 7 albums: albums 1 (Interview) and 20 (Binaural in Boston) are exclusive to the box set, but the other albums will be released separately in due course. It takes a similar form to Voiceprint's Treasure Chest for Rick Wakeman, but the difference here is that the box comes with room for 20 albums in all and there will be subsequent standalone releases in the same series. The box was assembled by Daniel Earnshaw, who had also worked on Treasure Chest. Most of the mastering was by Mike Pietrini, who also worked on Voiceprint's re-release of Animation and with The Syn.

Album 20, Binaural in Boston, is a binaural recording, designed to be listened to on headphones. In his notes, Anderson describes it as "a great crowd, not a great recording, but fun anyway" (HP, 25 Dec 06)

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