Album: Searching for the Songs
Artist: Jon Anderson
2006 Voiceprint

Project co-ordinator: Daniel Earnshaw
Executive producer: Rob Ayling
Artwork: Mark Wilkinson
Mastered by Mike Pietrini
Photo by Redferns

Recorded in 1986

1. Take Take My Love (4:36)
2. So Can It Be (3:48)
3. The Meaning of Your Love (3:03)
4. Just Say We're Children (3:24)
5. I Love You (3:59)
6. Jessica (2:24)
7. All I Want is You (4:33)
8. Hurry Home (4:54)
9. Strawberry Wine (3:59)
10. Punta del Este (3:09)
11. I Can't Believe (4:23)
12. Strawberry Wine (Instrumental) (3:21)
13. Take Take My Love (Instrumental) (4:15)
14. Take Take My Love (A Cappella) (4:37)

All pieces written by Jon Anderson

Notes: Originally released as part of The Lost Tapes box set and due to be released separately; see The Lost Tapes for more details. The liner notes give no details other than that this set of demos comes from 1986 (at the same time as Anderson was working on "Chagall") and all the pieces were written by Anderson. It is plausible that he also performed all the music on them given these are clearly demo recordings. They were previously bootlegged as Preparation for the Songs, although this release has improved sound quality.

(3), combined with a piece by Wakeman, became "The Meeting" on ABWH. (8) was re-recorded and released on Change We Must, while (10) was later developed as "Chagall Duet" on Change We Must. (HP, 25 Dec 06)

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