Yes- Going For The One
Album: Going For The One
Artist: Yes
1977 Atlantic
CD: 82670-2 (first remaster)

Band members:
Jon Anderson: vocals
Steve Howe: guitars, vocals
Chris Squire: bass, vocals
Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Alan White: drums, percussion

Produced by Yes
Executive Producer: Brian Lane

1. Going for the One [Anderson] (5:30)
2. Turn of the Century [Anderson/Howe/White] (7:58)
3. Parallels [Squire] (5:52)
4. Wonderous Stories [Anderson] (3:45)
5. Awaken [Anderson/Howe] (15:38)

2003 bonus tracks:
6. Montreux's Theme
7. Vevey (Revisted)
8. Amazing Grace
9. Going for the One (Rehearsal)
10. Parallels (Rehearsal)
11. Turn of the Century (Rehearsal)
12. Eastern Numbers (Early Version of Awaken)

Notes: (*****) This album marks the return of Rick Wakeman and is widely regarded as one of Yes' best. It features the song "Awaken" which Jon Anderson has said "has everything I would ever of dreamed of in a group of musicians."

"Parallels" was originally written for Squire's solo album Fish Out of Water. In a November 2005 radio appearance by Howe on Wakeman's radio show, Wakeman described Howe's solo at the end as the "best guitar solo on record". The conversation continued:

RW: Because it started as a very simple song that Chris brought in [...] By the end of it, it was one of the most complicated arrangements we ever did.

SH: [...] The writing was already quite well structured, but when the arrangements sort of set in with people's ideas about what to do with beats and bars and measures and all that, it was kinda frightening because on stage you had to stay with it.

The roots of "Awaken" were in a shorter piece, known as "High the Vibration", played live by the band on the solo albums tour (with Moraz). Howe has said in interview that Moraz should have been credited as a co-writer. The album sessions began while Moraz was still in the band. In a 2006 interview, he had this to say:
After my respective participation in Steve's [Beginnings] and Chris' [Fish Out of Water] albums, and since the end of our respective solo albums recordings, we were constantly composing, searching, playing and recording demos upon demos of what was going to become GOING FOR THE ONE. There must be miles of tapes with me [playing on them], which have most probably been erased or lost since then. As I had mentioned before, I had participated to the creation of GftO well before it started officially to be recorded in Montreux in the fall of 76....Whatever was cut-off from the finished album, I must have had some input and my influences were there during the compositional stages, nevertheless, having spent more than two years, three big tours and the making of some of the solo albums with the guys.
In 2011, Moraz's website's discography said he "Co-composed [...] most selections of Going For The One, including Awaken - even if not credited for some of those selections." A bonus track on the Tormato Rhino remaster, "Everybody's Song" (an early version of "Does It Really Happen?") seems to have Moraz on keys, suggesting it is from the period between Relayer and Going for the One.

The 2003 bonus tracks include "Montreux's Theme" and "Amazing Grace", previously released on YesYears. The version of "Vevey" here is described in the liner notes as being the same as on YesYears but is actually a different cut. (HP, 3 Dec 05; revised 25 Apr 11)

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